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Develop an Invitation

ACA OCS Racing Rules, Article X: INVITATIONS
1. The invitation and entry form should be distributed at least five weeks prior to the entry deadline. The invitation should include the following information.

a. Time and place of competition.
b. Description of course, including water conditions and degree of difficulty.
c. Classes to be run and eligibility requirements.
d. Sequence and approximate starting times.
e. Safety measures to be taken.
f. Address to which entries should be sent and amount of fee.
g. Last date for entries to be postmarked.
h. Whether late entries will be accepted and conditions.
i. Time and place for drawing of starting positions.
j. Limitations on entries, if any.
k. Nature of awards to be given.
l. Required work assignment for competitors, if any.
m. Regulation on training runs.
n. Whether meals, camping, or other accommodations are available including public transportation and driving directions.
o. Schedule of events, (including water releases, boat measuring, meetings, etc.).
p. Statement to be signed by competitor(s) releasing the race organizers from liability during the race and an agreement that the competitor(s) will abide by the ACA Whitewater Open Canoe Slalom Racing Rules.
q. Special information for the handicapped.
r. Any other information as deemed necessary.

NOTE: The information developed in this section is to be included in any
bid to host the ACA Open Canoe Slalom National Championships.
The bid consists of a formal letter from the local organization with an
appendage containing as much of the information listed in Article X,
listed above, as is known at the time.

Nationals Championships Web Site
There should be a web site created which has all the eliments of the Invitation's Race Packet and the Entry Forms. The Forms should be created in M/S Word or some other standard word processor and then converted to an Adobe Acrobat PDF file before uploading them to the web site. Click here for additional information on how to put a web site together.

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